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Real Estate E & O Insurance Commercial Legal Update 2017

Instructor: Jennifer Clee

Pre-requisites: Must hold a valid license for trading under the Real Estate Services Act.

PDP accredited: Cat. A - 6 credits

Now in its 7th year of production, Commercial Legal Update continues to deliver the latest critical updates in legal and regulatory compliance, as well as best practice reminders for all commercial licensees in the province. For 2017, the Independent Advisory Group recommendations to the Real Estate Council will guide discussions—additional new content that emerges from the recommendations will be introduced through 2017 as it becomes public. The remainder of the course will challenge commercial licensees with new and recurring topics, supported through court cases, consent orders and tips for risk mitigation. 

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver 2433 Spruce Street, Vancouver, BC


CCIM Foundations for Success in Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Thompson Training Room


Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver AGM

At the AGM, you’ll hear updates from Board CEO Brad Scott and President Jill Oudil on the latest issues and initiatives involving your Board and profession. We’re also hosting a panel discussion with Translink CEO Kevin Desmond, District of North Vancouver Mayor Richard Walton and long-time housing demographer Andrew Ramlo. They’ll talk about how transportation and regional planning decisions made today will impact the long-term development of our region. “There are no special resolutions on this year’s agenda for members to vote on, so we thought this year’s AGM was a great opportunity to bring in some diverse perspectives and have a forward-looking conversation about the future of our region,” Board President Jill Oudil said. The event will conclude with a sponsored lunch from the Canadian Real Estate Association. Hear updates from your national association on, WEBForms, CREA’s advertising campaign, federal lobbying and more. To register - login to You can also find the AGM Package there too.

Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre by Marriott - Grand Villa Ballroom 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC


Vancouver Real Estate Forum

Vancouver’s Leading Real Estate Conference For 25 years the Vancouver Real Estate Forum has become the largest annual conference on real estate investment and management issues in the region. It has developed this reputation by offering high-quality speakers on very topical issues at relatively low registration fees. Once again, this year’s Forum will deliver a fast-paced, information-packed program focusing on key issues and challenges facing real estate investors, developers, asset managers, brokers and other professionals active in every facet of commercial, industrial, residential and investment real estate.

Vancouver Convention Centre West 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver


Introduction to the Principles of Commercial Leasing

Instructor: Michael Leroux Pre-requisites: Must hold a valid license for trading under the Real Estate Services Act. PDP accredited: Cat. B - 6 credits

This course offers an introduction to commercial leases. It is designed for the residential REALTOR® who may be interested in gaining understanding and knowledge of the basic components of an Offer to Lease, and the leasing process.

The Landlord/Tenant relationship is very different than a seller/buyer relationship. There are many important issues that can adversely affect this business relationship if the lease agreement is poorly understood or poorly constructed. Landlords and tenants look to REALTORS® for their expertise and guidance in completing a successful leasing process.

In this introductory course, participants will be introduced to how a commercial lease is created and its basic component parts, certain significant provisions, and the different types of commercial leases. Using a case study, participants will take part in a hands-on activity to prepare a simple and binding Offer to Lease.

The concepts which will be learned will have application to commercial retail units, office space and warehouse premises.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the basic terminology of commercial leases.
  • Describe the different types of tenancies.
  • Explain the essential elements of a commercial lease.
  • Identify the different types of commercial leases.
  • Recognize the common provisions of commercial leases.
  • Identify key differences between leases of strata lots and standard commercial premises.
  • Describe the differences between Guarantor, Indemnitor and Covenantor and when to apply them.
  • Successfully prepare a simple and binding Offer to Lease including avoiding key risks and errors.
  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver 2433 Spruce Street, Vancouver, BC


    SOLD OUT - Land Assembly Forum 2018

    Join us for breakfast and hear from our highly experienced panel of speakers as they share their expertise on the intricacies of the land assembly process. Learn about:
  • the legal considerations
  • profitability of residential versus commercial development
  • trends in project financing and what matters to lenders today
  • the developer and REALTOR® perspective
  • Limited seating so register today!

    Terminal City Club 837 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC


    Introduction to Commercial Leasing Process & Negotiation Tactics

    Instructor: Peter Morris

    Pre-requisites: Must hold a valid license for trading under the Real Estate Services Act.

    PDP accredited: Cat. B - 6 credits

    This interactive course helps you build and reinforce basic commercial leasing skills. You’ll learn about the commercial leasing process, leasing practices, and negotiating tactics for working on behalf of landlords or tenants. Expand your knowledge of different lease types, negotiation essentials, including the negotiable points of the lease, and important financial concepts related to leasing commercial space. Leasing of all major assets classes, such as retail, office, and warehouse is covered. During the course, you’ll review the prospecting process to secure new listings and learn about the sequence of events that needs to occur to lease space from both the landlord’s and tenant’s perspective, all while bringing REALTOR® value. You’ll also learn how to quantify the impact leasing has on the property’s market value for your clients. This course complements REBGV’s Introduction to Principles of Commercial Leasing.

    Learning Objectives By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between two different leasing processes used by landlords and occupiers (tenants).
  • List various sources of landlord and tenant prospects.
  • Explain the five elements for a successful negotiation.
  • Explain the key attributes for various asset classes.
  • Apply the basics of site analysis.
  • Describe important lease terms.
  • Identify important space showing techniques.
  • Discuss the most common types of leases and commonly used lease documents.
  • Calculate important financial concepts in leasing.
  • REBGV Coquitlam #10 - 228 Schoolhouse Street Coquitlam, BC


    SOLD OUT - Basics of Strata Wind-Ups Presented by Gowling WLG

    New strata wind-up legislation in British Columbia is creating exciting new development opportunities for aging condominium buildings.  However, strata wind-ups are also fraught with unique challenges and complexities.  Court decisions have demonstrated that strict compliance with all legislative requirements are a necessity and failure to follow the right steps can lead to costs, delays or even a complete thwarting of the process altogether.

      This seminar is designed to explore the basics of strata wind-ups to real estate agents who are interested in representing strata corporations or prospective developers.


  • 10:30 am - Registration
  • 11:00 am - Presentation and Q&A
  • 12:00 pm - Networking lunch
  • Registration:

  • REBGV Members Only - Register at
  • Invited Guests - Contact Tammy Dunn at 604-730-3033 or send a request to
  • Deadline: Monday, September 24

    Note: $25 +tax no show fee may apply

    Delta Burnaby Hotel & Convention Centre 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC


    Environmental Due Diligence & Baseline Property Condition Assess

    Join us for an informative, 3 PDP credit, Category C breakfast event on Tuesday, October 16 in Vancouver or Thursday, November 15 in Coquitlam. Our panel of experts will provide you with a useful introduction to B.C.’s environmental regulations and phased assessment process. They will review significant changes in B.C.’s environmental regulations over the last decade and how that affects development, management, financing, assessment, and remediation of real estate in BC. You'll learn about:
  • key items that should be addressed by real estate advisors to ensure the overall costs of environmental due diligence can be minimized;
  • mitigation of your legal risks and provide case examples of past litigations
  • vital information regarding baseline property conditions assessments which will help REALTORS® identify the overall current and future potential deficiencies and expenditures associated with the site.
  • Fairmont Waterfront Hotel 900 Canada Place, Vancouver


    Introduction to Listing & Selling Commercial Investment Property

    Instructor: Peter Morris

    Pre-requisites: Must hold a valid license for trading under the Real Estate Services Act.

    PDP accredited: Cat. B - 6 credits

    This course introduces residential real estate practitioners to the fundamental knowledge and working mechanics of listing and selling commercial investment properties. It provides learners with a hands-on approach to the opportunities of listing and selling commercial investment properties.

    Learners will walk away from the class with real life experience in analyzing, listing and selling commercial investment properties.

    Learning Objectives: At the end of the class, learners should be able to:

  • Use the right agreement form for different scenarios of agency representation and listing/fee agreement in commercial real estate.
  • Identify major differences between working with sellers when listing commercial investment properties versus residential properties.
  • Identify major differences between working with buyers when selling commercial investment properties versus residential properties.
  • Use Annual Property Operating Data (APOD), Net Operating income (NOI) and Cap Rate to price commercial investment properties.
  • Using a case study, analyze opportunities for commercial investment properties as a listing or selling agent.
  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver 2433 Spruce Street, Vancouver, BC Medallion Room